The 41st Meeting on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications (FMA41)

Scope of Meeting

The purpose of the meeting on Ferroelectric Materials and Their Applications is to bring together scientists and engineers engaged in the fields relating to polarization. We are looking for contributors on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • New phenomena and measurement methods relating to polarization
  • Preparation, property and evaluation of materials
    (single crystal, ceramics, amorphous, thin film, polymer, liquid crystal, composite, etc.)
  • Applications relating to polarization
    (solid state capacitors, chemical capacitors, high-frequency dielectrics, PTC thermistors, piezoelectric applications (sensors, actuators, ultrasonic devices, filters and resonators), pyroelectric applications, electro-optic devices, memory devices, recording devices, displays, polarization in lithium ion batteries and solid state batteries etc.)